Best 10 Apple Pay Bookmakers for 2024

Apple Pay is a popular digital wallet and mobile payment service offered by Apple Inc. The payment method is available only on devices made and sold by Apple Inc., such as iPhones, iPad, Apple Watches, and Mac laptops. It also works on only the Safari browser. Despite these usage limitations, Apple Pay is still a popular payment method, especially among punters.

The Apple Pay service is used internationally, making it a handy option for online sports betting punters who prefer gambling at international online casinos or travel a lot. However, Apple Pay users have to connect their credit or debit cards to use this deposit method. There is also an option of funding the Apple Pay wallet using Apple Cash.

Best 10 Apple Pay Bookmakers for 2024
How to make a deposit with Apple PayHow to make a withdrawal with Apple PayApple Pay customer support options
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How to make a deposit with Apple Pay

How to make a deposit with Apple Pay

Funding an online casino account using Apple Pay is pretty straightforward. The process bears many similarities to that followed when using popular e-wallet payment options, with the main difference being that users need an Apple device to authorize all transactions. Punters must confirm that the online casino has Apple Pay as one of the listed payment options before starting the deposit process.

An online player should log into the preferred online casino account to use Apple Pay. New punters without active online sportsbook accounts can create a new account by following the appropriate steps required by the chosen casino.

Next, the bettors have to navigate to the banking or cashier page and click on the list of deposit options under the payment section. From the list of payment methods, players should confirm whether the sportsbook supports Apple Pay. If this payment method is available, the player can continue and fill in the amount they wish to deposit and make that deposit using Apple Pay.

If all details are correct, the player will authenticate the transaction using an Apple device using either a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

Daily deposit limits

The minimum amount punters can deposit using Apple Pay is $1. However, most online sportsbooks usually set their minimum deposit amounts at $5. Apple Pay does not limit the maximum amount a punter can deposit. However, punters have the liberty to choose their preferred limit for all transactions. Punters can even customize the limits for particular online casinos such that it does not affect usage of the service for other transactions not related to casinos.

Mobile deposits

Virtually all the online casinos that offer Apple Pay as a payment option allow punters to make deposits using their smartphones. The only catch is that mobile deposits can only be completed using an iPhone.

How to make a deposit with Apple Pay
How to make a withdrawal with Apple Pay

How to make a withdrawal with Apple Pay

Apple Pay does not currently support sportsbook withdrawals. This also applies to players who used this payment option to load funds to their sportsbook accounts. As a result, users are forced to look for alternative payment options among the ones listed in the casino. Unfortunately, that might be a bit inconvenient for most punters. However, the range of perks offered by Apple Pay as an online casino deposit option usually makes up for this “withdrawal shortfall.”

When choosing an alternative withdrawal option, punters should consider several factors to ensure the best user experience. Examples of the factors to consider are withdrawal processing times, security, mobile services, withdrawal limits, withdrawal charges, and convenience of access.

Safety and security at Apple Pay

Apple Pay is among the most secure and safest payment options that punters can use for depositing money to their online casino accounts. That is because of the numerous advanced security features that it offers, a few of which are highlighted below.

Two-factor authentication

Apple Pay adds an extra layer of security by using the two-factor authentication feature. That means that punters must approve all transactions by using their mobile devices. Transaction authentication can only be done via Apple devices, also known to be among the most secure mobile devices on the market.


Apple Pay uses the tokenization method to process all transactions. Tokenization is a reliable security system where a unique one-time encrypted code is created and used for authorizing a transaction. Users do not need to provide their account number or personal information, ensuring safety.

Disable feature

Apple Pay also allows users to disable their accounts through the iCloud system. That can come in handy whenever users are suspicious about the security state of their accounts, such as when they lose their apple devices.

Things to look out for

Despite all the security features, Apple Pay users can still face possible attacks from hackers. Successful hacks are usually caused by user-created vulnerabilities, such as using unsafe internet connections or getting malware infections on their devices.

How to make a withdrawal with Apple Pay
Apple Pay customer support options

Apple Pay customer support options


One easy and effective way of accessing Apple Pay customer support is through the telephone. There are numerous support phone numbers for different regions and countries worldwide. The response time differs in different regions and countries.

Apple support app

Apple Pay users can also download the Apple Support App, designed to help users find solutions to their issues. The app also has a chat feature that allows users to chat with experts for queries or make repair reservations.

Apple support communities

Apple has several support communities where users of this payment method can ask questions, find answers, and connect globally with other Apple Pay users. Most Apple support communities are fairly active and already filled with a lot of information.

Self-Help AI

Apple has a system on the help page on their official website that utilizes artificial intelligence to help Apple Pay users. To use the system, users have to answer some questions regarding their problems, and the system will find the right solutions for them.

Social media

Apple Pay users can also find solutions to their queries from mainstream social media. Doing so is as easy as posting the questions on the social media posts published by Apple. Answers can come from this payment option representatives or other users who view the queries and have solutions. However, users should note that there are no guarantees of getting a response when seeking customer support on social media.

Apple Pay customer support options
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