Claim your No Wagering Bonus 2023

A no wagering bonus is one of the most sought after gambling bonuses. This is because such a bonus comes with no wagering requirements attached, which can force players to play through their bonus derived winnings before they can start to withdraw any winnings. Casinos will offer no wagering bonuses in different forms, typically to encourage new players to join and incentivise the most loyal of customers. No wagering bonuses can consist of free spins, rewards for loyal customers and even cashback. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about the greatly sought after no wagering bonus.

Claim your No Wagering Bonus  2023
What is a no wagering bonus?What sports offer no wagering bonuses?Sport-specific no wagering bonusesResponsible gambling
What is a no wagering bonus?

What is a no wagering bonus?

When players take advantage of a no wagering bonus at a casino or on a betting website, they benefit from less restrictive terms and conditions surrounding the withdrawal of winnings. Many bonus types require a customer to wager a certain amount before they can withdraw winnings, with an example being having to wager 3x the amount of the bonus.

No wagering bonus wagering requirement

A no wagering bonus removes these requirements, with players being able to withdraw winnings straight away without playing through their winnings first. To claim a no wagering bonus, such as free spins on a particular game or a free bet, a customer will need an account with the betting site before any bonus can be applied.

The no wager bonus may have requirements such as depositing a certain amount of funds first, which players should always check for before attempting to access such bonuses.

Turn a no wagering bonus into real money

The most evident benefit of a no wagering bonus is that they are amongst the easiest of the bonuses to turn into real money. A no deposit bonus will typically involve free spins or playable bonus funds that can only be used to play.

However, because there are no requirements on wagering any winnings gained through the bonus, a player is free to withdraw won funds straight away. If a free spin leads to a win on a game, those winnings can be withdrawn into a bank account and don't need to be wagered multiple times.

What is a no wagering bonus?
What sports offer no wagering bonuses?

What sports offer no wagering bonuses?

As with bookmakers offering traditional slot-based games, amongst other games, betting sites also provide bonuses when betting on sports games. No wagering bonuses vary greatly, with different betting websites offering different bonuses and having different rules surrounding their use.

Typically, most sports that can be bet upon will have no wagering bonuses available - with Football, Basketball and Horse Racing being some of the most popular. An example of such a bonus could be a free bet Football no wagering bonus, whereby a new or loyal customer is awarded a free bet on the outcome of a football match.

The winnings are instantly withdrawable with no requirements to place further bets or wagers first.

No wagering gambling bonuses allow customers to place bets and play casino games with less personal risk. Without playing through any winnings before any bank account, withdrawals can be made to turn them into real cash.

However, this isn't to say that no wagering bonuses do not have any restrictions or terms and conditions. For example, a common requirement is that an initial deposit has to be made before a bonus is applied to a player's account. With no wagering bonuses for sports such as Basketball, like a free bet, a bonus may require a customer to have placed a previous bet.

Customers should always be careful to read through the conditions of any bonuses being promoted, ensuring that the bonus is right for them and they know what restrictions or rules are in place.

What sports offer no wagering bonuses?
Sport-specific no wagering bonuses

Sport-specific no wagering bonuses

Football no wagering bonus

No wagering bonuses in football games are claimed by either placing a minimum deposit or using a bonus code. Users can receive the bonus code in their emails after signing up or find them in advertisements. However, the minimum deposit ranges between $5 and $20 depending on the betting site.

This method barely retains gamblers, as they must wager several times to meet requirements and withdraw cash. Players should not expect much from this offer but they can increase their chances by learning how the sportsbook is run and the type of odds provided.

Horse racing no wagering bonus

Horse racing is a famous sport across the world. It is also the sport that attracts most gamblers, which is why bookmakers are willing to give players no wagering bonuses as an inducement to proceed with playing or for new players to sign up.

There are no wagering bonuses that do not require a minimum deposit and players can get their money back after losing or get their returns minus the stake if they win. Others ask for a minimum deposit, $10 for instance, and offer a deposit boost of probably $30. Check the wagering requirements before placing a stake.

Basketball no wagering bonus

Basketball betting is a great way for players to enjoy no wagering bonuses. Basketball betting sites charge players a fee to manage wagers. They hide the fee in the odds, which makes it hard to gamblers to determine the amount charged on the betting sites. however, the fee is insignificant compared to the winnings.

Sport-specific no wagering bonuses
Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling

It's important always to gamble responsibly. Measures can be put in place for those who are concerned about their gambling and need assistance. Players can contact casinos and betting sites to implement self-exclusion periods on their accounts, preventing them from gambling on that platform for the set period.

Deposit limits can also be used to prevent players from depositing more funds to be gambled than they can afford. A customer can additionally contact their bank, with many banks now blocking all gambling transactions from their card. Independent charities are available and can provide help to those who struggle with gambling and need impartial advice.

Responsible gambling

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