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In the past, most bookies would have focused on sports wagering. However, there are attractive new specialist markets to check out. Many mainstream bookmakers now provide betting on reality shows for their punters. The genre of reality television has been the focus of numerous gambling websites. These shows are competitive in nature. They typically pit a group of contestants against each other until one is crowned the winner.

Reality TV may feature ordinary people or celebrities. Shows often run on a weekly basis, with seasons taking several weeks or even months to wrap up. The format can vary wildly.

Best reality show betting sitesWhat reality shows can you bet on?Best reality shows to bet onHow to place a bet on reality showsTips and tricks to bet on reality shows
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Best reality show betting sites

Best reality show betting sites

When someone wants to bet on reality television, they need to seek out bookies that tick a number of crucial boxes. They should provide a plethora of banking options. That way, the user can pick one that suits them best. For example, a large number of modern punters prefer to gamble with cryptocurrencies. Others might opt for traditional bank transfers or e-wallets.

Everyone will have their favorite reality TV shows. In recent years numerous new programs have been released. Great bookies will keep up with popular demand by expanding their markets whenever an upcoming series is announced.

The user will try to make the most of their bankroll. This may mean utilizing promotions as much as possible. Deposit bonus deals are a sign of quality within the TV betting community. The site could offer promotions specifically focused on reality shows that are currently running.

It is essential that the interface of the site works well on mobile devices. Bookies with a downloadable app are even more appealing. Furthermore, there should be a robust and trustworthy customer support service. When all of these criteria are taken into account, the two best sites for reality TV betting appear to be 888 Casino and 10 Bet.

Best reality show betting sites
What reality shows can you bet on?

What reality shows can you bet on?

Since there are so many shows of this type available to watch, the punter will be spoiled for choice. Survivor betting recently became popular when the show entered its 42nd season. The right programs will largely depend on the tastes of the individual. Betting on X Factor finales tends to bring in a lot of traffic on online bookmaker websites. Novices who want to bet on TV shows but are unsure of their options can choose from the following popular ones:

  • X Factor
  • Britain's Got Talent
  • Eurovision Song Contest
  • American Idol
  • Big Brother
  • I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • The Masked Singer
  • Dancing On Ice
  • The Voice
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Survivor

Some of these shows have been going on for many years. As a result, the punter might have a better chance of guessing a potential outcome. Others are relatively new but still manage to attain viewing figures in the millions. In order to maximize the gambling experience, people should opt for the show that they find most enjoyable. This is because they will need to watch numerous episodes for several weeks before the finale is broadcasted. The majority of well-known reality TV programs have a talent show format.

What reality shows can you bet on?
Best reality shows to bet on

Best reality shows to bet on

Taste is mainly subjective. It can therefore be challenging to determine which reality show is the best for gambling on. However, there are several ways to narrow down the options. If there is a large pool of potential winners, it will be harder for bettors to decide who to go with. Instead, it is wiser to pick shows with a handful of contenders. An exception to this rule is the X Factor. In early episodes, the viewer is introduced to a wide range of people hoping to make it to the final.

It makes X Factor betting reasonably tricky. However, if the punter waits a few weeks, the number of serious contenders is significantly reduced. Furthermore, watching each episode will give people weeks' worth of insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the final contestants. For this reason, many gamblers consider the X Factor to be the ideal show to place wagers on.

As a rule, it is better to choose programs that are broadcast live. The show can still have some pre-recorded segments. However, the eliminations and winner announcements should not be. Live betting markets are extremely popular. Therefore the best reality TV shows need to be in this format.

Best reality shows to bet on
How to place a bet on reality shows

How to place a bet on reality shows

TV show betting tends to be far less limited compared to wagering on sports. When it comes to the latter, the majority of bets are focused on who will come out as the winner. However, the unique nature of reality TV means that bookies have to be more creative with their markets.

When someone wants to know how to bet on TV shows, they first need to understand the rules of the specific program. Doing so will help them to come up with unique proposition-type wagers. There are a plethora of possible options. Some gamblers may want to keep things simple. If so, they can go for straightforward bets focused on who will be the overall winner. On the other hand, a lot of people choose reality TV wagering because they can make precise and potentially lucrative predictions.

For example, they could bet on who will make it to the next round. Alternatively, the gambler may predict the top contestant in a specific challenge. It is even possible to bet on whether a judge will say a particular word. The only limitation is how creative the specific bookie is.

Reality shows betting odds

Since these shows can be far from straightforward, it means reality TV betting odds are pretty complex. There are many factors that will affect them. Bookies may base their odds on how well the contestant has done in a particular week. Novelty odds are different from those in sports betting because there are more variables to consider. It should also be noted that minute format changes between various shows will play a significant role.

Before a punter places a bet, they should consider whether they will make enough money to cover any potential risks of losing. Conversely, they may bet on a contestant they are unsure of because the payout is so enticing.

How to place a bet on reality shows
Tips and tricks to bet on reality shows

Tips and tricks to bet on reality shows

It is certainly possible to gain a decent edge when betting on the latest reality television programs. Making an accurate prediction is all about research and critical thinking. In many ways, reality TV show betting tips reflect the tactics utilized in sports wagering.

The makers of the shows do not broadcast them with betting in mind. Instead, their focus is on entertaining viewers. Consequently, it is possible for unpredictable twists to occur. Such scenarios will often affect TV show betting odds.

Several bookies list reality TV under their novelty bet category. These markets may be grouped together with politics, awards shows, and Royal Family predictions. However, it is important to remember that reality TV is its own beast. One of the most unique aspects of this genre is the fact it can sometimes be entirely scripted. If this is the case, it is handy to think like a writer in order to make a winning prediction.

Sometimes the final result will be made by the general public. Social media is ideal for gauging the general consensus of viewers. The contestant who is talked about the most can often end up taking the crown. This tactic works best for live shows in particular.

Tips and tricks to bet on reality shows
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