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Golf enjoys a rich history and traditions. Originally from Scotland, this individual sport used to be exclusive to men, but it is now open to all. The object of this sport is to get the ball into the hole with the let strokes. Golf can be played for fun or competition. Today, golf enjoys massive popularity, with international golf competitions attracting a huge audience both on the golf course and on mass media. As far as competitive gold goes, the US Golf open holds a special place in the hearts of golfing enthusiasts.

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What is the US Golf Open?

What is the US Golf Open?

The US Open Golf Championship is an annual tournament held in the US. It is highly regarded in the golfing industry, being the second of the four largest golf majors. This annual competition has a vast history dating back to 1895, under the United States Golf Association’s (USGA) watch. This event is often held around June, save for 2020. 2022’s event is slotted from 17th to 20th June 2022 at Pebble Beach course in California.

Over the years, the US Open has been held in several courses across the US. This tournament is considered among the most difficult tests for golfers of the four majors. Most US Open Championships are played on high roughs and fast greens. The PGA Tour is also worth checking out if you enjoy betting on Golf tournaments.

Any golfer with real ambition usually has their eyes set on featuring and possibly winning the US Open Golf Championship. The tournament’s elaborate qualification structure sees 2,500 golfers compete for 156 slots.

The US open usually has a heavy purse for the winners. Over the past few years, the US Open’s total prize pool has averaged around $11 million. The 2022 edition’s prize pool sits at around $12.5. Last year’s winner took home around $2 million. As far as individual prizes go, it remains a wait-and-see affair.


Every year, USGA lists qualification events in 100+ locations in the US and a few international sites. The best part about the US Open is that it is open to all. However, the qualification entries are usually available to professional and armature golfers. Armature golfers must have a handicap index of not more than 1.4 under the USGA handicap system to feature in the local qualification rounds.

Golfers who advance from local qualifiers head to the final qualifying round, held at 11 qualifying sites, most of which are in the US. The best players from the final qualifiers join 20 players in the excepted category, usually based on their golfing credentials.

What is the US Golf Open?
The Competition

The Competition

Since its inception in 1898, the US Open has been 72 holes of stroke play. After completing the entire course, the player with the least number of strokes is crowned the winner. However, if there is a tie after the 72 holes, the tournament heads to a play-off. An 18-hole round (full round) is used to break the tie. This means that it is the only one of the four golf majors that subjects players to a full round of golf to break a tie.

History of the US Opens

From humble beginnings, the first US Open was played on a 9-hole course in Newport Country Club in 1895. The inaugural competition was a one-day stroke event featuring only ten professional golfers and an armature, seeing Newport Country Club’s pro, Horace Rawlins, win the first trophy. The early years were dominated by British golfers, who won the first 16 editions.

In 1911, following the completion of the 18-hole course at the Chicago Gold Club, the first American, John McDermott, won the competition, hailed as the American breakthrough. Since the historic win, American Golfers have dominated the US Open Golf Championships.

The Competition
How to bet on the US Open?

How to bet on the US Open?

The major requirements for betting on the US open and other sport league are usually two, the intention to play and money to wager. Once these two fundamentals are sorted, all that remains to participate in sport online tournaments is joining a reputable online sportsbook. Well, signing up with an online bookmaker should be a no-brainer at this digital edge – clicking on the signup link and following through with some elaborate prompts.

Any player keen on betting on the US open should understand how to find value when betting. But with numerous elite players at the US Open and multiple variables, even the best players hope to win a fraction of the time. Every perceptive bettor should thus be alive to this fact. Placing wagers on the US Open goes beyond focusing on a few elite players.

Bettors should also be keen to understand the different bet types available. For instance, one can bet on the number of rounds, an elite player whose odds may have plummeted after a few bad holes, or the player could finish with a better score after a twosome or a threesome.

It is hard to profit from a tournament of this magnitude by backing the best. At times, proper research is key. It is even better to wager on an in-form player with a knack at pulling a surprise on the big stage than sticking with the favorites.

How to bet on the US Open?
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