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The ICC T20 World cup is an international cricket tournament held every two years, except for the last five years. As the name suggests, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is tasked with organizing this tournament. Twenty20, popularly T20, is a new form of cricket that has revolutionized the game in many ways. Some key changes in rules saw this new cricket format put a premium on hitting and scoring. This move inspired unprecedented growth in cricket viewership.

T20 cricket bears many similarities with traditional cricket regarding the basic rules. The difference between these two cricket versions is that innings in T20 are limited to 20 overs for every game. In T20 cricket, an innings includes 20 overs lasting 75 minutes. On the other hand, an over comprises six balls thrown to a bowler, with each batsman accorded four overs and fielder placement restricted to encourage big hits and high scores. Ideally, this new format has delivered an instant connection between players and fans.

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About ICC T20 World Cup

About ICC T20 World Cup

The World Twenty20 is an international cricket tournament that features all ICC members. Ideally, this is a global tournament featuring all cricketing nations. The eventual winner earns the status of a World Twenty20 Champion. Besides the obvious bragging rights, there is also some money at stake. The overall prize money pot stands at about $8 million, with each participating nation receiving close to $60,000 or even more.

2022’s T20 World Cup will see 16 teams enter the tournament. From the 16, 8 teams have a direct qualification to the Super 12 stage based on their country rankings. The remaining four are picked after qualifier matches, usually before the World Cup.

Eight teams start the action in two groups comprising four countries, with the best two teams in each group (four in total) advancing to the next stage (Super 12s), making 12 teams. All teams in the respective groups play against each other, with the top two teams from the groups qualifying for the Semi-Finals, usually a knockout match.

The winning team is awarded two points for each round, while the losing gets none. If there is no result, which often happens during a washout or an abandonment, the concerned teams get one point each. Whenever there is a tie in the group rankings, multiple teams with the same points, the tie is broken based on the number of wins, net run rate, and the head-to-head outcome, in that order.

T20 is credited with reviving cricket in the 21st century. Since its inception, players have been quick to adapt to the game’s demands by working on their fitness, fielding, and throwing. The best part about this new format is that it plays a complementary role and does not threaten Test Cricket in any way.

About ICC T20 World Cup
The history of ICC T20 World Cup

The history of ICC T20 World Cup

The ICC T20 World Cup was first played in 2007 in South Africa. However, the idea to adopt this form of cricket was coined from 1998 to 2001. This idea only took shape in 2001 when England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) found it lucrative and presented it to the county chairperson in the same year. ECB adopted the new form of cricket, naming it Twenty20 cricket. T20 cricket was formally introduced to the sporting world in 2003 and was an instant hit, with thousands of fans gracing T20 tournaments held across England.

As this was happening, some cricket-playing nations were already taking note. By 2007, T20 had gained considerable popularity, so the ICC decided to organize the inaugural. The first T20 world featured ten test-playing nations and ICC associate nations – Scotland and Kenya. India won the first T20 World Cup after beating their archrivals Pakistan in a highly contested final.

The history of ICC T20 World Cup
How to bet on ICC T20 World Cup

How to bet on ICC T20 World Cup

Placing wagers on the Twenty20 World Cup bears close similarities to other sports tournaments. Most online bookmakers cover T20 games. However, players are advised to pick reputable betting sites for a seamless betting experience.
After picking a strategy, the player’s focus shifts to placing bets. Here are some tips every player should consider to improve their chances of success while betting on T20 Matches.

  • Pay attention to the teams’ and players’ form
  • Follow the game live while betting
  • Pay attention to the team news
  • Do not just bet on who will win. Focus on other betting markets
  • Understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Take advantage of betting offers

During its relatively short stay, the ICC T20 World Cup has dished out many enthralling opportunities to sports bettors. Any punter keen on betting on these sports championships should have a strategy. This means that punters have to do proper research before placing any bet. Also, any strategy should be founded on robust bankroll management and responsible gambling. And lastly, players should occasionally compare different bookies and pick the one that offers the best odds.

How to bet on ICC T20 World Cup
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