Betting on the English Greyhound Derby Online

With many popular ways to bet on the English Greyhound Derby, the event attracts racing fans and gamblers globally. Audiences are captivated by the excitement of race day, that determines which dog is the fastest. Offering thrilling action, the event attracts people from across the globe who flock to the tournament to watch the qualifying heats and the final. In the end, the best dogs line up to run the track one last time before the winner prevails.

White City Stadium was the first location for the English Greyhound Derby. Built in the early 20th century, the stadium was initially constructed for the 1908 Olympic Games in London.

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All You Need to Know About the English Greyhound Derby

All You Need to Know About the English Greyhound Derby

Here are a few historical highlights from the Derby's reign as one of Britain's top sports.

  • Trap 2 is the best trap in English Greyhound Derby history, producing the most event winners
  • Four greyhounds won the Derby twice: Rapid Ranger, Mick the Miller, Patricia's Hope, and Westmead Hawk
  • Charlie Lister OBE is the trainer with the most wins; seven in all
  • Taylors Sky has the fastest time at Wimbledon at 28.17

As one of the biggest dog racing events on a list of sports tournaments, the English Greyhound Derby continues to attract fans from across the globe. Available to watch live and streamed to millions via the internet, the competition experiences widespread popularity as one of the most distinguished British sporting events. In 2022, the Derby was televised by Racing Post Greyhound TV.

With VIP boxes and a track restaurant, the tournament has all the trappings of a high-class extravaganza. Even the event's gala features live entertainment. Enthusiastic fans pay £30 for general admission and more for trackside seats, which quickly sell out.

All You Need to Know About the English Greyhound Derby
History of the English Greyhound Derby

History of the English Greyhound Derby

The first greyhound race was held at the stadium shortly before the first Derby launched. Over time, greyhound racing became a prominent fixture in Britain, and participants developed greyhound racing leagues.

Crowning the dog Entry Badge as the first winner, officials awarded his trainer the £1000 race prize. The prize for the modern Derby is much higher at £175,000. However, a lot has happened since Entry Badge crossed the finish line first at the initial Derby.

History of the English Greyhound Derby
About the English Greyhound Derby Sponsors

About the English Greyhound Derby Sponsors

In 1940, the war prompted event organizers to move the finals to Harringay Stadium. By 1973, the Derby picked up its first sponsor: Spillers, the pet food company. The same year, Patricia's Hope won the Derby again, one of two dogs to win the event multiple times. By 1980, the prize purse had escalated to £35,000, and the event continued to grow in popularity.

In 1983, the Daily Mirror became the event's new sponsor. Whisper Wishes was the final winner of the Derby at White City Stadium in 1984.

In 1985, the event moved to Wimbledon Stadium, and over the next three decades, the English Greyhound Derby prospered with Sporting Life co-sponsoring in 1990, William Hill taking the sole sponsorship role by 1998, and Blue Square, another bookmaker, taking over sponsorship in 2006.

Bookmaker William Hill later returned to back the event at Wimbledon Stadium and remained the main sponsor until 2016, making it one of the most popular online sports betting sites.

By 2017, the Wimbledon stadium was closed for redevelopment by the site's owner, and the Derby relocated to Towcester Racecourse for five years. By 2019, Towcester's closure caused event organizers to schedule the event at Nottingham Greyhound Stadium and betting on greyhound racing tournaments continued.

The pandemic shuttered the 2020 Derby until Towcester Greyhound Stadium reopened in 2021, and the event joined a list of sports tournaments to restart operations.

About the English Greyhound Derby Sponsors
How to Bet on the English Greyhound Derby?

How to Bet on the English Greyhound Derby?

Prior to betting on greyhound racing tournaments at online sites, it's essential to understand the racing structure. Six greyhounds run in the finals after progressing through the heats to the last race. These six dogs have competed against nearly 200 greyhounds. For most dogs, the odds of winning are long.

Greyhound races take a short amount of time. In the final, the dogs only travel 1600 feet. However, there are a few ways to wager, including the following.


Gamblers take a chance on choosing which dog will finish first at greyhound racing championships. By betting on a dog as the winner, the selected competitor must win for a bettor to collect any money from the best online bookmaker. It's a simple wager, but if the dog finishes in any spot but first place, the bettor loses.

Forecast Betting

In forecasting, the gambler chooses two dogs, which may finish in the first and second spots. It's commonplace to select a winner based on the trap the dog is placed in at the start of the race.

If picking the dogs in traps 2 and 3 to win first and second, the gambler's forecast must precisely match the outcome for the bettor to win. Reverse forecasting is similar, except the dogs may come in first and second in either order.

How to Bet on the English Greyhound Derby?
The Best English Greyhound Derby Betting Sites in 2024

The Best English Greyhound Derby Betting Sites in 2024

With the excitement surrounding the 2022 English Greyhound Derby, more than one online sportsbook offered incentives to attract new and seasoned bettors to wager on which dog may finish first.

With a variety of ways to wager, bettors accessed some of the top sportsbooks on the internet to take a chance on choosing the outright winner or forecasting which two or three may cross the finish line first, second, or third.

An event nearly a century in the making, the modern English Greyhound Derby is favored at top-tier sportsbooks, which offer competitive odds for the fast-paced dog racing championship. Let's look at a sportsbook that has supported the Derby for years and attracted gamblers to wager on the event.

William Hill

With a long history aligned with the English Greyhound Derby, bookmaker William Hill offered bettors favorable odds based upon the dogs likely to win the finals in 2022. Using a complex system for analyzing probabilities, the sportsbook's incentives attracted gamblers interested in betting on the event.


Unibet is another well-known sportsbook favored by bettors to wager on the Derby. The online betting site provides event live streams for the Greyhound Derby, around-the-clock live chat, and a casino bonus offer.

The Best English Greyhound Derby Betting Sites in 2024
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