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EHF Champions League betting is growing exponentially. In this guide, fans of handball betting can find out every detail about this sports tournament, from its history to how it has evolved. There are also key insights on how to bet on the competition ranked as one of the biggest sports events in the world of handball. The EHF Champions League also referred to as the EHF FINAL4 Men, is the premiere men's handball tournament.

It attracts top handball teams from European nations that are part of the EHF. Today, it doesn't just attract big crowds as one of the major sports tournaments; it's also becoming a household name on the betting scene.

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History of the EHF Champions League

History of the EHF Champions League

The EHF Champions League, just like other top-rated sports leagues, attracts sponsorships from some of the biggest brands, including Infront Sports & Media, DAZN, hummel, Gerflor Group Select, and Sport Radar.

Fans and punters can't understand the history of the EHF Champions League without looking at the origin of the organization that hosts the competition, the European Handball Federation (EHF). The European Handball Federation (EHF), as the name suggests, is a sports governing body that hosts and manages European handball. The organization, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, constitutes 50 member federations alongside England and Scotland, which are associated federations.

The EHF Champions League, on the other hand, was formed in 1993. Already, there was a European competition dubbed European Champions Cup, which was organized by the International Handball Federation (IHF). What made the EHF Champions League unique was its new format.

Eligibility and qualifications

The member federations must be at the helm of the EHF's coefficient rank to qualify for the EHF Champions League. EHF's coefficient rank is a list that ranks member states based on their performance in the last three seasons of this sports championships, the EHF European League (EL), and the EHF European Cup (EC).

The first 9 federations in the EHF coefficient rank get automatic qualification to the tournament, with the national champion team representing the federation. The top federation in the rankings is then granted a second slot in the tournament. The domestic runner-up in the number 1 federation takes this slot. The rest of the 6 slots are awarded based on a wildcard that factors in the tournament's venue, spectators, TV, product management, digital influence, and past EHF tournaments results.

History of the EHF Champions League
Tournament format

Tournament format

There are four stages in the EHF Champions League.

  1. Group phase - In the group phase, 2 pools are created (Group A and B), each with 8 teams. The teams pooled together battle it out in two matches, home and away. The two top teams in the pools advance to the quarter-finals directly, while teams in number 3 to 6 face off in the next stage, playoffs. The last two teams are eliminated.
  2. Playoffs - In playoffs, the teams are paired based on the pairing in the group phase. They then battle it out again in two matches, home and away. The aggregate winners advance to the quarter-finals.
  3. Quarter-finals - Here again, the placements follow a specific format, based on the placements in the group phase. The four winners in the quarter-finals advance to the finals.
  4. EHF FINAL4 - In the finals of the EHF Champions League, the four quarter-finals winners face off in the semis, and the winners of the semis square it out in the finals. A match to find the third place is also played.

Most successful clubs in EHF Champions League

The Spanish federation has been the most dominant force in the EHF Champions League, with Barcelona, the current champions, at the forefront with 10 titles. Other Spanish teams that have won the EHF Champions League include TEKA Santander, Elgorriaga Bidasoa, Portland San Antonio, and Ciudad Real.

German teams, alongside French, Macedonian, Polish, and Slovenian teams, have also triumphed.

Tournament format
How to bet on the EHF Champions League

How to bet on the EHF Champions League

Betting on sports tournaments is a great thing as it adds the adrenaline rush to the action. So, how do punters bet on the EHF Champions League? Below are some helpful tips.

First, punters need to find the best sportsbook with handball betting markets, particularly EHF Champions League odds. The good thing is that there are plenty of bookies offering betting markets for this tournament. It's one of the biggest handball events on top online sports betting sites. Also, check the licensing of the bookmaker and the sports betting bonuses available.

The next thing is to carefully assess the current form of the participating teams in the upcoming or ongoing tournament. Assessing the form of the teams in the EHF Champions League helps punters know which teams are favorites and which are the underdogs. With this information, bettors are in a position to make better betting decisions.

Last, understand the different betting markets. For starters, these are the possible outcomes, for example, the league winner, the match-winner, handicaps, or the totals. Importantly, note that the higher the odds, the lesser the chances of winning the bet, and vice versa.

That's it, folks, the ultimate EHF Champions League betting guide. The 2021–22 EHF Champions League kicked off Wednesday, 15 September, and is expected to end on Sunday, 19 June 2022, so there's still a lot of time to bet!

How to bet on the EHF Champions League
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