October 31, 2023

Predictions and Analysis: Low Ratings in the World Series and Week 8 NFL Matchups

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In this article, we will discuss the predictions and analysis for the World Series ratings and other related topics. We will explore why the expectations for the Rangers-Diamondbacks series are low and the factors that contribute to low ratings in the World Series.

Predictions and Analysis: Low Ratings in the World Series and Week 8 NFL Matchups

Low Ratings in the World Series

The World Series ratings have been a topic of discussion, with some expressing concern about the expected low ratings for the Rangers-Diamondbacks series. It is important to note that these discussions are based on historical data and trends.

Historical Viewership Lows

Over the past 20 years, there have been six World Series that hit all-time viewership lows. These include series such as White Sox-Astros in 2005, Cardinals-Tigers in 2006, Phillies-Rays in 2008, Giants-Tigers in 2012, and Dodgers-Rays in the 2020 “bubble”. Most of these series lasted only four or five games, with some including rain postponements or being played in a fanless, neutral site. The low ratings for the Rangers-Diamondbacks series are being compared to these forgettable and often boring series.

Influence of History and Tradition

Baseball ratings are heavily influenced by the history and tradition associated with certain teams. The Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, and Cubs have a rich, decades-long history that attracts viewers. While the Rangers hail from the nation’s #5 market, Dallas-Ft. Worth, they lack the same level of history and tradition as these big-market teams. Similarly, the Diamondbacks, being a 25-year-old team, do not have the same level of history as other teams.

Importance of Matchup and Regular Season Performance

Ideally, the World Series should feature the best teams from the regular season or something close to it. The Rangers-Diamondbacks series is a matchup of #5 and #6 seeds, which may not be as appealing to viewers as a matchup between higher-seeded teams. While both teams have had unexpected postseason runs, they are not considered underdogs or teams that have made it to the mountaintop through miraculous moments.

Impact of Other Factors

Apart from the participating teams, there are other factors that can impact the ratings. One such factor is the National Football League (NFL). The World Series competes with Monday Night Football, which has a significant viewership. Last year, the shift to a Friday start helped the World Series avoid competing with an NFL Sunday, but now it goes head-to-head with Monday Night Football. This competition can affect the ratings.

Predictions for World Series Ratings

Based on early indications, Games 1 and 2 of the World Series are expected to have low ratings. Game 3, which will be played on a Tuesday night, may also have lower viewership. However, Games 4, 5, and potentially 6 and 7 have the opportunity to avoid historical lows.

Predictions for Week 8 of the NFL Season

In Week 8 of the NFL season, there are several notable matchups that are expected to attract viewers. The Kansas City Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, have been a popular team to watch, but their game against the Broncos will not be the featured game of the window. Instead, most of the country will get to watch the 49ers-Bengals matchup, which is considered a pivotal game for both teams. The NFL national window is predicted to have high viewership, as it has consistently attracted over 23 million viewers in recent weeks.

The Sunday Night Football matchup between the Bears and Chargers is not expected to have high ratings, despite the Bears' recent improvement. It is likely that this game will set a new season-low in viewership.

Predictions for College Volleyball Ratings

College volleyball has been gaining popularity, and this season has already seen record-high viewership. Last week's match between #1 and #2 ranked teams drew a record audience of 612,000 viewers. This week, college volleyball will be broadcast on FOX alongside the NFL singleheader, which is expected to boost ratings. The Sunday window is particularly ratings-rich, and it is predicted that the regular season record will be broken. The question is whether it will challenge the viewership of national championship matches.


In conclusion, the expectations for the Rangers-Diamondbacks series in the World Series are low based on historical data and trends. Factors such as the matchup, regular season performance, and competition from other sports can impact the ratings. However, there are opportunities for the series to avoid historical lows in terms of viewership. Additionally, predictions for Week 8 of the NFL season suggest high viewership for certain matchups, while college volleyball is expected to break records in terms of viewership.

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