February 16, 2022

Guide to 2022 Winter Olympics Betting

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2022's Winter Olympics began on February 4, after a long wait following the COVID-19 pandemic that, for a moment, almost wiped off major sporting events. The Beijing Winter Olympics follows the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics by six months, which is an unusually short duration considering that the Tokyo event was delayed by six months.

Guide to 2022 Winter Olympics Betting

The XXIV Olympic Winter games are special for different reasons. First, Beijing goes down in history as the first city to host both the summer and winter Olympics, after the latter made its debut in 2008. While the Chinese capital is the official host city, the events will be held in 13 venues spread across three areas (Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou).

Betting on Winter Olympics Online

Winter Olympic events are usually shorter than summer sports, making it essential for a sports bettor to understand the various options available while betting on winter sports to hit the ground running.

Before looking at the options available to them, sports bettors have to master the intricacies of Winter Olympics betting. That said, here are a few steps to take while placing bets on the 2022 Winter Olympics:

Choose a Sportsbook

While this might sound cliché, the first step to betting on the 2022 Winter Olympic games should be finding the best sports betting site. This should be an online betting site that extensively covers the event.

Understand the Odds

After joining an online sportsbook for the purposes of wagering on Winter Olympics, players have to pay attention to the odds being offered or the market coverage, which should be a no-brainer for anyone with some sports betting experience. Finding the odds should be easy. However, online bettors should be alive to the fact that some bookmakers tend to ignore lesser-known Winter Olympics sports like curling.

Place Wagers

Placing bets should be easy – pick a team or athlete and enter the amount to wager. And where money is involved, it is always important to underscore the importance of due diligence.

Best Winter Sports Betting Options

The 2022 Winter Olympic will have 109 events spread across 15 sports. The popularity of this event keeps growing among sports bettors, largely because of the growth in popularity of certain sports in the event, such as ice hockey and hockey. Also, online sports betting, or the prospects of making money, has immensely contributed to making Winter Olympics popular.

It remains crystal clear that some Winter Olympic Sports are more popular than others. Here are some of the most popular events among punters betting in winter sports.


There are many Skiing-related disciplines covered in the Winter Olympics. This event takes center stage in Beijing Winter Olympics, having featured in every Winter Olympics. Some skiing events in 2022's competition include cross-country skiing, short-track speed skiing, ski jumping, and alpine skiing.

Teams to watch - Austria, Switzerland, Italy & Norway.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey enjoys a huge following globally. Notably, Ice hockey is credited for producing some of the finest moments in the Winter Olympics history. The U.S vs. Canada women's match is usually a delight to watch, with the respective teams promising an exhilarating contest. Any online sports betting covering the Winter Olympics provides odds on this sport.

Teams to watch - Canada, Russia, Denmark, and Switzerland


Snowboarding is a game of skill that seeks to display athletic abilities and bravery. These factors make it considerably appealing to sports bettors. The Winter Olympics sees athletes complete in five snowboarding events – Parallel Giant Slalom, Snowboard Cross, Slopestyle, and Blog Air.

Individuals to watch - Shaun White, Chloe Kim


Bobsled is also known as Bobsleigh, a fan favorite in any Winter Olympic event. The romance to Bobsled is largely attributed to the speed factor engraved in the game that sees competitors at tin cans move at speeds of up to 85 mph. Bobsleigh competitions feature four events. These include Two Man, Two Woman, Four-Man, and the Women's Monobob.

Teams to Watch: Germany, Switzerland, America, Jamaica

Popular Winter Olympics Bet Types

Winter Olympics events have loads of online sports betting opportunities. Knowledge of the sport is key, and this calls for research or extensive knowledge for one to make informed decisions. That said, here are bet types common to Winter Olympics betting online.

  • Outright Winner: Placing bets on an individual or team that is likely to win.
  • Match-ups: This bet requires bettors to choose an athlete they think will fare better than another in any given event.
  • Winning Margin: Betting on the number of points or seconds that the winner will win by.
  • Winning Team/ Medal Total: This bet moves away from individual sports but rather a country's overall performance at the Olympics.

Winter Olympics Betting Tips

Winter sports betting online is no different from everyday online sports betting. As always, the golden rule of sports betting still holds: do your homework. Also, because it can be hard to offer sport-specific tips, the following general tips apply.

  • Study the disciplines and their rules
  • Research! Research! Research! – use technology to your advantage
  • Embrace responsible gambling
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