August 1, 2023

Enjoy Your Sports Betting Wins with 100% Bet Insurance at 1xBet

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1xBet is one of those sports betting sites where you’ll never go wrong. The bookmaker has over 20 years of experience providing competitive odds in multiple sports. And to boost your chances of success, the bookmaker offers numerous bonuses and promotions, including 100% Bet Insurance. So, what exactly is this promotion, and how can you claim it? Read on to discover!

Enjoy Your Sports Betting Wins with 100% Bet Insurance at 1xBet

What is 100% Bet Insurance at 1xBet?

Many regulated sports betting sites provide bettors with the alternative to insure their wagers. As the name hints, an insured bet allows bettors to regain their stake if the bet receipt loses. Bettors can insure a part of the stake or the whole wager.

With that definition in mind, 1xbet allows you to insure up to 100% of your bet. This means you can guarantee the stake in full or partially. Note that this is a paid-for service, meaning the insurance cost varies depending on the current odds. Also, the insurance applies to a single or accumulator bet only.

Here is an example of how 100% Bet Insurance works: you can place a €10 bet at odds of 1.5 and want to insure 100% of the bet. In that case, 1xbet offers insurance of €5 which will be debited into your account if you agree. If the bet wins, you’ll receive a total of €15 (1.5 odds x €10). But if it fails, the bookie will pay you €10 because you insured the entire stake amount.

What Else You Must Know?

Another thing you must know about this sportsbook bonus is that bettors can take multiple insurances for the same wager. For instance, you can take 20%, 30%, and 50% insurance for the €10 stake. But as said before, the insurance price may change according to the odds prices.

In addition, the total amount of insurance cannot exceed 100%. Therefore, you cannot purchase insurance of 20%, 40%, and 50% simultaneously because that exceeds 100%. Moreover, all cryptocurrencies don’t qualify for the bonus amount.

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