October 5, 2022

22Bet Introduces New Bet Types

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22Bet is among the most popular international online sports betting platforms, licensed globally in more than 150 countries. Its popularity stems from numerous strengths, including premium customer care services, reliable security features, attractive and intuitive user interface, universal compatibility, enticing bonuses, and fast payouts. 

22Bet Introduces New Bet Types

A detailed review of the betting provider that highlights all its features can be found here. 22Bet has recently taken a step further to help increase the popularity of the gambling empire by increasing the number of bet types they offer beyond sports betting online.

According to the 22Bet’s management, increasing the number of bet types helps to ensure that all potential punters can access a bet type that they are more familiar with or prefer to use, thus catering to the needs of everyone. The main goal for the company is to offer as many bet types as possible. They offer hundreds of bet types on virtually anything that can be predicted. Some of the new bet types introduced recently are highlighted below.

Weather betting

Punters can now place money bets on their predictions on what the weather will be on certain days at specified times. 22Bet has narrowed it down to predictions on temperature readings at specified international airports. A punter can thus bet on the range in which the temperature will be in a particular airport at a specified time. The temperature ranges are predetermined, with each having different odds.

The bet type has already gained much popularity among punters, new and seasoned alike. That is mostly because of how easy it is to place weather bets. Finding information on weather predictions is also relatively easy. However, there is no absolute way of knowing what the accurate temperature will be at a future time in a specified airport. The only downside is that the odds for the most probable predicted temperatures are usually low.

Awards betting

22Bet now allows punters to bet on various Award programs, including music awards, movie awards, Nobel Prize awards, The Oscars and many more. There are several bet options for the bet type. Punters can bet on who will be nominated, the categories to which they will be nominated, who will win specified awards, and so on.

In most Awards bets, predictions are usually more straight forward because the works that particular nominees might have done can be outstanding. However, there is always no guarantee on who will win, especially if the outcomes rely on public votes. That makes awards bets among the most exciting types offered by 22Bet. Nearly all the major award ceremonies worldwide are usually featured.

TV Shows betting

One of the most innovative and controversial bet types offered by 22Bet is on TV shows. For that, punters get to bet on their predictions regarding what will happen on a specified TV show the next time it is aired. The betting markets are typically different depending on the nature of the show. Most of the TV show bets offered on 22Bet are those involving challenges and game shows. That is because the results of such cannot be influenced in any way, even by the TV show producers, ensuring the bets are fair for all parties.

Politics betting

22Bet also introduced betting on politics, which is gaining popularity relatively fast. Betting on politics is relatively easy. Punters only need to predict the politician that will win an election from the ones offered on the betting markets. The betting markets include election outcomes for several countries in America and Europe.

According to the company, there has been no legal issue regarding offering betting markets on politics. However, that is contrary to what many experts had predicted. They also do not release the statistics on bets made on politics to ensure they are not mistaken for opinion polls. Punters, especially newbies, prefer betting on politics as they can rely on official opinion polls to make predictions instead of doing all the research work needed to make informed decisions.

Punters’ Opinions on the New Bet Types

There have been mixed reactions from 22Bet users regarding the addition of numerous bet types to the betting site. Some users were unhappy mainly because the numerous options make it confusing and time-consuming to determine which bet to place. 

However, most users welcomed the additions, stating that having more bet types increases their chances of getting suitable bets that work well with their strategies. In addition, most trustable betting ranking sites have also ranked 22Bet higher because of the hundreds of bet types it now offers.

The 22Bet online bookmakers have also done a great job with the user interface to ensure that navigation is fast and easy. Punters can thus find their desired bet types with only a few clicks, whether they are using a desktop or mobile device. All categories are arranged neatly and are accessible directly from the home page. Various sources indicate that 22Bet is still working on adding more bet types and markets while still expanding to more countries.

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