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November 17, 2023

The Ultimate Boxing Sports Betting Guide

Emily Tremblay
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Boxing betting has always had a devoted fan base. In recent years, more and more fight fans have started actively seeking out betting opportunities on significant events. The good news is that it's now simpler than ever to bet on boxing. If you're interested in sports betting, it's important to know the various boxing markets, typical odds formats, and helpful betting hints before placing any wagers. You should also learn how to pick reliable online bookmakers. This comprehensive guide to online boxing betting covers all the bases.

The Ultimate Boxing Sports Betting Guide

How To Pick A Fighter To Bet On

The finest boxing betting strategies recommend counting on stats and analyzing past fights.

Boxing bets today must take into account these variables more than ever before. If you want to make intelligent projections about a boxing match, you must have detailed knowledge of both fighters.

Researching boxers is among the top boxing betting tips for rookies. You may find a lot of helpful information online that can be used to create a top-notch boxing betting strategy. Here are a few key points to remember.

  • Accomplishments: What exactly do they carry to the ring? Is this boxer a world champ or an up-and-coming boxer? Is their standing with the IBF, WBA, WBC, and WBO high?
  • Career length: Is it a once-great boxer dragging on or an eager youthful tiger ready to pounce? A boxer who has been through a lot typically yields up versus fresher, fitter rivals.
  • Fight record: A fighter's history is a reflection of their journey. But, more importantly, it discloses if they have defeated anybody notable or merely squashed fruit cartons to reach where they are today.
  • Lifestyle: Avoiding boxers who tend to gain weight between fights or live a party lifestyle is often a good idea. You should go after the fighter who appears the most disciplined and clean.
  • Damage sustained: Has the boxer been stopped several times? Are they reeling after a knockout loss or a series of stoppages? The boxer may be showing signs of losing their moxie.
  • Age and decline: In most cases, a boxer's performance will decrease as he gets older. It can happen suddenly, but most often it builds up slowly. Learn to recognize a fighter's decline by analyzing their power and damage from past matches.

How Boxing Odds Work

Most betting sites show boxing odds in different ways, such as in American, decimal, and fractional formats. Betting on boxing with decimal odds is easy, since higher prices mean bigger payouts. Higher boxing decimal odds imply that the action is less probable to happen.

Boxing Moneyline odds are also expressed as fractions, making them simple to understand. These odds just show how much you can win compared to how much you bet.

Before you can figure out how to read American odds, you need to look at the signifier in front of the number. The plus symbol represents the underdog, whereas the negative sign represents the favorite.

The best places to bet on boxing will let you choose from these three ways to show the odds.


How To Find The Boxer To Bet On

If you're curious as to what's the most important step in figuring out how to bet on boxing, you can bet on your favorite boxer, but sometimes they might not be the clear-cut winner. Here's a quick guide on the best boxing betting strategy to pick the fighter to bet on.

  • Have Faith in Reach Advantage: The boxer with the greater reach will almost always strike more and take fewer hits. Detecting this early in the fight might help you win when betting on boxing matches.
  • The Danger of Hungry Fighters: Supporting the more driven fighter might be a wise decision. When figuring out how to bet on boxing, think about which fighter wants it much more.
  • Gamble based on weaknesses: Every fighter has a vulnerability. Speed, for instance, can be their weakness. Knowing each contender's weak point might boost your chances.
  • Support the Southpaw: If two fighters have similar styles, it may be worth betting on the southpaw at the top online sportsbooks. Research shows that southpaw boxers have a higher rate of victory than their orthodox counterparts.

Moneyline bets, round bets, over/under rounds, and prop bets are the most common bets when betting on boxing. You should learn about these bets before making your first one in a boxing match. In addition, we'll offer some boxing betting tips to help navigate these marketplaces with the help of some examples.

Outright/Match Winner Bets

When you visit a site that accepts wagers on fight nights, the first type of wager you'll encounter is an "outright bet," also called a "bout bet." With this wager, you must pick which boxer will win the boxing match. 

For example, in a boxing contest featuring Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, you might have staked that Floyd would win outright. While professional boxing fights sometimes result in a split draw, because it is exceedingly unusual, this option is frequently absent at boxing betting sites. There is a clear winner in the great majority of title fights or world title matches.

Over/Under Rounds

Bets like this one are common in the world of professional boxing betting. You don't have to predict the exact number of rounds, but you are required to declare how long the match will take less than or more than that number.

In a bout between Pacquiao and Moore, for instance, a bookmaker may provide odds for over or under 7.5 rounds. Boxing bettors that selected the "Over" assume that the total number of rounds will exceed 1.30 because the fight will end exactly at the 7.5-round mark (1:30 of the eighth round). 

Round Betting - Points, Knock-outs, Stoppage

Bettors may choose the round they think major matches will end in by placing a wager on the "round." You'll also be able to choose the number of rounds for each fight. This type of round bet allows you to select the winning side, albeit most live betting platforms do not require you to make both of these predictions.

Bets may also be placed on the number of points each player will have after a decisive match. This is a relatively safe market to bet on, as most fights are decided by a score of 10-9 among the judges.

Stoppages and knockouts are great betting choices that are unique to boxing and MMA. Technical knockout and stoppage bets pay up if the contest ends in either of those ways.

Way Of Victory

Bookmakers also typically let gamblers wager on who will win and by what means when betting on boxing. The odds are higher, so this shouldn't be your debut gamble at boxing, but it is an option in online sportsbooks. However, it has a reputation for being extremely profitable. 

Most of the time, while betting on the "way of victory" market in online sportsbooks, you'll need to pick the winner of a certain match. The following are all possible ways to predict a victory:

  • Disqualification
  • Judges Decision
  • Knockout
  • Technical Decision
  • Technical Knockout
How To Pick The Right Boxer To Bet On

Final Thoughts

Finding a good sportsbook to place your boxing bets in is the next step now that you know how to bet on boxing and what kinds of wagers are available. To help you find the ideal place to bet on boxing, we have devoted an entire page to doing just that. Pick one and you'll be well on your way to being a knockout boxing gambler.

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