Best Bookies accepting EcoPayz

EcoPayz is one of the most convenient e-wallets for making transactions in online betting sites. Founded in 2000, it accepts over 45 currencies from across the world. EcoPayz is owned and operated by PSI-Pay, a limited company registered and licensed by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority to offer online payment services.

Online bettors can choose one of three types of accounts: ecoCard, ecoAccount, and ecoVirtualcard. The ecoCard is a prepaid debit account, like the MasterCard, that facilitates instant online payments. The ecoAccount is a private online account that gamblers can top up anytime or send money to anyone. Lastly, the ecoVirtualcard is a one-time online payment card. It becomes invalid once the transaction is completed.

Best Bookies accepting EcoPayz
How to make a deposit with EcoPayzDaily deposit limit for EcoPayzHow to make a withdrawal with EcoPayz
How to make a deposit with EcoPayz

How to make a deposit with EcoPayz

EcoPayz enables users to connect to their bank account and transfer funds. Opening an ecoPayz account is quick and free. Customers have to fill in their personal data like phone number, address, and country of residence. An activation link is sent to the new user, after which the owner can use the account. There are various ways to load an ecoPayz with money: local bank transfer, international banking, prepaid card, credit, and debit card.

Making a direct deposit with ecoPayz to a betting platform is free and almost immediate. Real-money bettors who want to boost their bankroll choose ecoPayz at the cashier page and enter the amount to deposit.

The name of this page differs from one betting provider to another. Then the ecoPayz site pops us where the player logs in with a username and password. The three services, ecoAccount, ecoCard, and ecoVirtualCard, can be used for the transaction. Typically, ecoPayz doesn’t charge a fee for these types of deposits.

How to make a deposit with EcoPayz
Daily deposit limit for EcoPayz

Daily deposit limit for EcoPayz

The limits depend on the account level of an ecoPayz user and the terms and conditions of the betting site. EcoPayz account is available in VIP, platinum, gold, silver, and classic level.

Registering for these levels is free, but the services available at each level will differ. The higher the status, the higher the deposit limit and vice versa. Account limits are designed to protect funds held within an ecoPayz account.

When topping up a betting site, the maximum limit at all levels is €250 per transaction. Daily limits range from €1500 to €11,000 for the highest levels of the ecoPayz account (Gold, Platinum, and VIP).

Can I deposit with mobile?

EcoPayz offers a safe and secure mobile app downloadable from the App Store and Google Play. Users can access their accounts from iOS and Android devices.

Daily deposit limit for EcoPayz
How to make a withdrawal with EcoPayz

How to make a withdrawal with EcoPayz

As long as a gambling platform supports ecoPayz, withdrawals are possible with ecoAccount and ecoCard accounts. The steps involved are as follows:

  • The player navigates to the cashier page
  • They choose ecoPayz from the list of payment options
  • They enter the amount to withdraw from the betting account
  • They fill in the requested information for the site to approve the withdrawal

Upon requesting a withdrawal, the transaction immediately shows on the betting account, and money reaches the player in two or three business days.

Betting providers hardly charge a fee for ecoPayz withdrawals. But depending on the level of the account, ecoPayz may charge something small.

Daily withdrawal limit at ecoPayz

Each betting provider puts in place a withdrawal limit, so it is good to check the terms and conditions before cashing out. The withdrawal limit associated with ecoCard is based on the status or level of the account.

The maximum amount an ecoPayz account can hold at silver and gold levels is €15,000 and €100,000, respectively. The user can load their account in a single transaction with €10 - €200 at the classic level.

Accounts at silver status can receive anything between €10 to €1,000 at a one go. A gold account can take €10 to €1,500 in one transaction.

Can I withdraw on mobile?

Withdrawing via the ecoPayz mobile app is a straightforward process. A player logs in to their account on an Android or iOS smartphone and follows the steps aforementioned.

How to make a withdrawal with EcoPayz

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